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Indiana Kentucky Water Science Center Surrogate Constituent Models

"Surrogate" Constituent Models are developed at USGS streamflow gages, called Super Gages, throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Each Super Gage deploys a variety of in-situ continuous water-quality monitors and is intermittently sampled for water-quality constituents over the range of hydrologic and seasonal conditions. By statistically combining continuous water-quality data with intermittent samples, models are developed to continuously estimate constituents that are not easily measured in real-time. For example, after a Surrogate Constituent Model is developed, turbidity (clarity of water) may be used to estimate suspended sediment concentration. Click here for a list of Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Water Science Center Surrogate Constituent Models.

National Real-Time Water Quality

Many states provide hourly computed concentrations and loads for sediment, nutrients, bacteria, and many additional constituents; uncertainty values and probabilities for exceeding drinking water or recreational criteria; frequency distribution curves; and all historical hourly in-stream sensor measurements.

USGS National Real-Time Water-Quality Web Site

Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Water Science Center regression models are listed in the table below. The list of these models also is available as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Data Sampled
Regression Model Explanatory
RMSE R2 n Bias
or smear
web sitec
Start End Start End
Yellow River near Oak Grove, IN (USGS Site ID: 05516665)
2012 2013 1-169 log10(SSC)=0.7856*log10(TURB)+0.5645 0.8-130 0.157 0.83 22 1.0632 2014 present 8/19/2014
Yellow River at Knox, IN (>USGS Site ID: 05517000)
2012 2013 14-1050 log10(SSC)=1.2269*log10(TURB)+0.0854 9.7-160 0.21 0.84 17 1.1146 2014 present 8/13/2014
Yellow River near Brems, IN (USGS Site ID: 05517010)
2012 2013 4-1150 log10(SSC)=0.745+(0.191*sqrt(TURB)) 0.3-150 0.18 0.91 27 1.083 2015 present 8/27/2014
White River at Hazleton, IN (USGS Site ID: 03374100)
2010 2011 16-434 log10(SSC)=0.968*log10(TURB)+0.330 9-170 0.08 0.96 13 1.015 2014 present 2/21/2012
Eagle Creek at Zionsville, IN (USGS Site ID: 03353200)
2010 2014 4-903 log10(SSC)=0.7837*log10(TURB)+0.6015 2-460 0.26 0.77 37 1.1722 2014 present 5/20/2015
Kankakee River at Davis, IN (USGS Site ID: 05515500)
2013 2015 1.2-130 SSC=14.362*sqrt(TURB)-8.662 7-161 8.74 0.94 20 NA 2016 present 03/7/2016

aConstituent and unit of measurement: suspended-sediment concentration (SSC) in milligrams per liter (mg/L).

bExplanatory Variables: Turbidity (TURB, YSI 6136).

cYears regression has been available on USGS National Real-Time Water-Quality (NRTQW) web site.

dModels listed followed protocols from Rasmussen, P.P., Gray, J.R., Glysson, G.D., and Ziegler, A.Z., 2009, Guidelines and Procedures for Computing Time-Series Suspended-Sediment Concentrations and Loads from In-Stream Turbidity-Sensor and Streamflow Data: U.S. Geological Survey Techniques and Methods book 3, chap. C4, 53 p.